Tears of the Haru Pecah in Sorong: Notes on UAS Da'wah in Papua

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Ustaz Abdul Somad (UAS) has been conducting da'wah safaris for several days in the Raja Ampat Islands and Sorong City, West Papua. Various feelings have been felt. Arriving in the eye and in my view for three days accompanying him from Saturday 22 September to today, Monday 24 September 2018.

Yes, I feel welcome, he comes home with a happy feeling of accompanying. Even crying because I was so happy. In our village there was no persecution and demonstration to UAS. The people of West Papua love him so much.

Everyone longs for his advice and tausiyah. Maybe this phrase is only the right one to describe the role model as well as the teacher and Ulama this one. Yes, Ustadz Abdul Somad LC MA who came from far away from the western region, namely in Riau, Sumatra Island.

His missionary safari trip to West Papua Province has ended with Tabligh Akbar on the Mako Fleet Page lll AL Sorong. The congregation who came to listen to the tausiyah UAS was extraordinary. They are not only from Sorong City but come from all regencies in West Papua.

More than 15 thousand worshipers attended the UAS program at the Mako Armada III Field of the Navy, in Sorong on Sunday night (23/9).
We estimate that more than 15,000 people (fifteen thousand worshipers) meet the Mako Armada field in the Navy Sorong. The congregation even spilled into the highway for the sake of just listening to the UAS tausiyah.

Thank God, the event went smoothly without obstacles because of the readiness and alertness of the joint security officers consisting of members of the Indonesian Navy, City Police of Sorong, Brimob and Kodim Sorong. UAS da'wah safari events and trips in West Papua were orderly and smoothly over.
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