Support of Religious Leaders Is Not Necessarily Adding Mass to Jokowi-Ma'ruf

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Political observer Lingkar Madani (Lima) Ray Rangkuti assessed that the number of figures approaching the stronghold of Joko Widodo (Jokowi) -KH Ma'ruf Amin is not yet certain to increase mass support. According to him, the support of many figures only adds to the couple's confidence.

"My masses are not too sure. But morally the presence of these figures makes the Jokowi's camp work more powerful. There is a psychological effect," said, in Jakarta on Sunday (2/9).

Even so, he said, closer together names such as Deddy Mizwar, Tuan Guru Bajang, or Ustadz Yusuf Mansur, would influence community support for the Jokowi-Ma'ruf stronghold. Moreover, continued Ray, the last two names are also known as religious leaders.

"The form of mass support needs to be checked further. But the TGB in NTB also has a high influence," he said.

Regarding the discourse of the entry of Ustadz Yusuf Mansur to the Jokowi-Ma'ruf National Campaign Team, according to him, the effect will be very high on the community. At the very least, he said, Ustadz Yusuf Mansur could reduce religious issues that attacked Jokowi.

However, he added, if Ustadz Yusuf Mansur really entered the team, it also indicated that Jokowi played identity politics. Although it is not used to attack other couples, but Islamic identity is used for practical politics.

"Like the Alumni Brotherhood 212, using religion for the short term," he said.

According to him, this is an unhealthy practice in democracy. In fact, what should be used is to use Islamic values ​​in politics, not just using Islam as a tool to achieve power.

"Without seeing religion, during Shiddiq, Amanah, Fathonah, and Tabligh, he is Islam. But Jokowi's choice to embrace the clerics is also to restrain the attack. If he does not choose maruf, he will attack him more," he said.

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