Snouck Hurgronje is a symbol of the legendary secret agent in the field of religion.

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A name in the Dutch colonial era, ahead of the presidential election campaign, now suddenly became very popular. Especially for the Muslims after the noise and arguing about the definition of what the ulama were. There are parties who outline that the ulama are knowledgeable people not limited to religious knowledge. There are also parties who demand strictly that the ulama must be people who understand religion, even some are more rigid, they must have pesantren.

Then then the utterance blows: If basically only mastery of science, Snouck Hurgronje also deserves to be called a scholar.

Upon this polemic, the memory suddenly remembered the writing of a senior journalist, Setyardi. Some time ago he had written "beautifully" about the figure of Snouck Hurgronye. Fill in the writing like this:

sumber Gambar

Science is not always in line with authenticity. Not all knowledgeable people must intend to reach the ultimate truth in their lives. However, there are also even quite a lot, people who are serious about seeking knowledge with worldly goals only.

In fact, those who have practiced there are those who are used as weapons to destroy political opponents. Maybe that's what I understood about Snouck Hurgronje [1857-1936].

Snouck Hurgronje was a Dutch intellectual, whose extended family was Jewish. But then they assimilated, and became devout Protestants. His father, Christian de Visser, a pastor. Whereas his mother's grandfather, DS. J. Scharp, is an evangelist in Rotterdam who composed "Korte schets over Mohammed en de Mohammedanen handle the voor de kwekelingen van het Nederlanche zendelinggenootscap" --- Sketch of Muhammad and Muhammad's followers, Handbook of Mandatory Dutch Evangelists.

He also changed his name to "Abdul Ghafar". But that is deception. On the same date, he sent a letter to his best friend, Gold Ziher, Hungarian Theologian:

"Ich habe einen einfachen weg gefunden, der mir Insha 'Allah die thore der Stadt entschliessen wird. Ganz ohne ihzaar oel Islam geht dast naturlich nich" --- I have found the gate of the holy city, Mecca, that. Without the ihzarul Islam attitude, appearance or pretending to be Islam, I cannot enter there. [This letter is now stored at the Academy of Sciences in Budapest, Hungary].

After entering the Holy City of Makkah, studying with several ulamas, and hanging out with many figures from the Dutch East Indies [Nusantara], who were performing the Hajj, Snouck Hurgronje made reports and suggestions for the Dutch Colonial Government. Because, the Dutch understood that "jihad" awareness became the main foundation of the natives against the Dutch colonialists.

And one of Snouck's successes was to cripple the resistance of the Acehnese people.

This was specifically requested by the Dutch colonial government because it was overwhelmed by the militancy of the Acehnese fighters. Snouck's suggestion about Aceh was made in a long article entitled 'Atjeh Verslag', which was later published in the book 'De Atjeher'.

In the report it was revealed that Snouck in principle asked the Dutch to change the war strategy against guerrillas. Snouck argued that the politics of division (devide et impera) would be more effective in conquering Aceh.

Perhaps this is what Julien Benda meant [1867 - 1956], the cool French philosopher, in his work "La Trahison des Clercs" as a Betrayal of Scholars!
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