Sandy Confesses Dare to battle Import Mafia

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Prospective Vice President Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno talked about economic conditions previously thousands of PAN Solo Raya cadres and members even though visiting Sukoharjo, Central Java, Saturday (22 /).

Sandi reminded that the nation's economic turmoil will be accomplished to be faced like the people by presenting mighty leadership.

"Economic turbulence can be faced insha'Allah taking into account the people by presenting strong leadership and creature adept to meet the expectations of economic improvement, to entrance jobs as widely as attainable and stabilize prices to be more affordable," Sandiaga said in a written pronouncement normal in Jakarta.

The vice president who carried the coalition of the Gerindra, Democrat, PAN and PKS parties said the aspirations of grassroots communities must be competent to be captured and presented the best solution in realizing social and economic prosperity.

Former Deputy commissioner of DKI Jakarta emphasizes job creation and affordable prices for basic needs must moreover be supported by a clean doling out and fair be in enforcement.

"I bring out here. I dare to fight the import mafia. I will not allow them endure advantage in the interests of a few groups," Sandiaga said.

He hopes that the Indonesian people will be skilled to do their mandate of independence, namely to bring practically a just and prosperous society. Paired subsequently Prabowo Subianto, the vice president number 02 believes that the strengthening of the economic sector will be able to transform the Indonesian nation as a developed nation in the eyes of the world.
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