Romahurmuziy Fulfills KPK Calls

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General Chairman of the United Development (PPP) Romahurmuziy alias Romy fulfilled the summons of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigator, Thursday (26/7). Romy will be examined as a witness in a case of alleged bribery related to a proposal for regional financial balance funds in the 2018 Draft State Budget.

He arrived around 1:10 a.m. wearing a blue suit with a white shirt. When asked about the examination, Romy chose to explain it after being examined.

"Later the matter will be examined after we have examined it," said Romy at the KPK building, Jakarta, Thursday (8/23).

Originally, Romy was questioned by the KPK on Monday, August 20, 2018. However, he did not fulfill the call of the investigator on the grounds that he was following a series of party activities in the region.

"So, I decided today because this afternoon I still received the EU ambassador to Indonesia," he explained.

It is known, the KPK continues to explore cases of alleged bribery related to the proposal of the Regional Financial Balance Fund in the Draft State Budget (APBNP) for 2018 fiscal year. On Thursday (26/7), the KPK searched three locations, namely the Apartment in Kalibata City, which was occupied by Suherlan, the official residence of Commission XI member of the PAN faction. , and Puji Suhartono's house.

KPK investigators confiscated approximately Rp1.4 billion in Singapore dollars from Puji's house in Graha Raya Bintaro, South Tangerang. In addition to money, the KPK investigation team also secured documents related to regional budget requests. From Suherlan's apartment, a Toyota Camry vehicle was confiscated and documents from the official house of a member of the DPR were confiscated.

This case began with a hand-arrest operation (OTT) in May and four people were named suspects. They are members of Commission XI of the Indonesian House of Representatives Amin Santono, Eka Kamaluddin (private-intermediary), Yaya Purnomo (Head of Development Funding for Housing and Settlements of the Directorate General of Financial Balance of the Ministry of Finance), and Ahmad Ghiast (private).

Initially, investigators suspected that there were suspicious receipts, namely Rp. 400 million received by Amin Santono and Rp. 100 million received by Eka Kamaluddin. The money was transferred from contractor Ahmad Ghias and was part of the promised seven percent commitment fee from the two projects in Sumedang District Government. The project is worth a total of Rp. 25 billion, so it is suspected that the commitment fee is around Rp. 1.7 billion.

The two projects, namely the project at the Department of Housing, Settlement and Land Affairs worth Rp. 4 billion and the Dinas PUPR project worth Rp. 21.8 billion. The source of bribery funds allegedly came from contractors in the Sumedang Regency government. Ahmad Ghiast allegedly acted as coordinator and fund collector to fulfill Amin Santono's request.
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