Rizal Ramli Threatens Demanding to Flip Surya Paloh

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The former Coordinating Minister for Martim and Resources Rizal Ramli felt that he was disadvantaged by subpoena and reporting of defamation committed by General Chairman Nasdem Surya Paloh. Rizal also considered reporting behind Surya Paloh.

"We are considering demanding a return and asking the KPK to dismantle the case," he said at the Jakarta Peradi Office on Monday (17/9).

Surya Paloh through the Nasdem Party reported Rizal as the Nasdem General Chairperson for the defamation case to the Jakarta Metro Police. At that time, Rizal criticized the government by naming Surya Paloh and the Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita. While Rizal felt he had never dragged Surya Paloh with the Nasdem Party attribution.

"I have no relationship with Nasdem, just like Enggar (there is a relationship). So we consider demanding to return. It's just broken Rizal Ramli's reputation. I am a credible economist respected at home and abroad because of the right predictions," he said.

On the same occasion, Rizal also mentioned that the KPK could dare to investigate cases of imports in the Indonesian government. Because according to him as long as he served as Coordinating Minister, a number of Ministers rejected imports with a certain quota. However, Rizal said he was surprised why the policy continued and strangled salt, sugar cane, sugar and rice farmers in Indonesia.

"So my work is in vain. Sorry, there is a cabinet that wants imports. Because usually every import is profitable. But this is an import that is not cruel and extraordinary," he said.

It is known that the report against Rizal Ramli was registered with the number: LP / 4963 / IX / 2018 / PMJ / Dit. Criminal Investigation of Metro Jaya Police dated 17 September 2018. Rizal was charged under Article 310 of the Indonesian Criminal Code and or 311 KUHP and or Article 27 paragraph 3 juncto Article 45 paragraph 3 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning Amendments to the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 11 of 2008 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions.

Previously, the Head of the DPP for the Law and Human Rights Division of the National Democratic Party (Nasdem), Taufik Basari, accompanied by around 30 members of the National Strategy Party (Kostranas) of the Nasdem Party, visited the Jakarta Metro Police to report RI Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Rizal Ramli for alleged libel cases .

Taufik said that this report was carried out because Rizal Ramli did not answer the contents of the subpoena previously filed. Rizal Ramli was asked to give an apology and revoke the statement in the mass media and was given a time of 3x24 hours, because the time limit given had passed, Rizal Ramli was reported to the Metro Jaya Regional Police.

"What we are asking is there are three things, first, brother Rizal Ramli made a statement which suggested that Pak Surya Paloh was playing 'import', secondly, said that President Jokowi did not dare to reprimand him for fear with Surya Paloh, third, said Surya Paloh was 'a jerk'," said Taufik.

The Nasdem Party also explained that Surya Paloh never interfered with the import policy carried out by the government, let alone to participate in regulating or taking advantage of it. Then Surya Paloh did not have a business related to imports, so what was conveyed by Rizal Ramli regarding Surya Paloh if it was not revoked, it would be misleading information.
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