Refuse to Receive Bribery, TGB: I Am Borrowing 1.1 Billion

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Former Governor of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Tuan Guru Bajang (TGB) Muhammad Zainul Majdi admitted that he had borrowed up to Rp.1.1 billion. He stressed, the funds were not bribes, but loans for personal needs.

TGB said the total transfer of loan funds amounted to Rp1.165 billion in 2010. Loan funds were later known to use the money of the company PT Recapital Asset Management. For now, he ensures that he has returned the loan money and interest.

"Because the payment cannot be made, the interest continues to be processed. The principal and interest have been repaid," he said when holding a press conference in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta on Wednesday (19/9).

TGB revealed the money loan on a personal basis, without involving his position as NTB Governor at the time. So he felt that this loan matter had nothing to do with the government. He denied giving money as a form of bribery.

"This is a civil between me and a legal entity. I borrow from a company not related to state finances," he said.

TGB then explains about the source of money stored in his account. He said there were two sources of money, first from salary, and allowances as the Governor of NTB, the second came from his salary as the leader in one of his family's schools in Nahdlatul Wathan.

The source, he said, is all legal income, both as a governor's income, salary, allowances, honorariums and local taxes. "We have an educational institution which is almost a thousand branches in total, Nahdlatul Wathan. In the main Islamic boarding school, where I am the leader there and has almost 16 thousand students. In one university, the turnover in one year can be Rp. 16 -17 billion, "explained TGB.
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