PDIP politician: Exemplary Elite Damping Conflict on Social Media

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The Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin Campaign Team member, Zuhairi Misrawi, reminded the political elites of the two camps supporting the presidential and vice presidential candidates to be cautious about making statements on social media. The PDIP politician said that this was to avoid conflicts that could also be used by certain parties.

Because, according to him, currently social media is a means for those who intend to make a conflict by riding the momentum of the 2019 Presidential Election. These groups, according to Zuhairi, need to be cautious because they are trying to spread hatred which leads to conflict between the nation's children.

"There are illegal passengers, hate industries, groups that deliberately create conflict. We must be aware of this dark passenger by the way elites display polite faces, maintain friendship. This is so that we do not sink into the flow of conflict on social media," said Zuhairi in a public discussion held by Emrus Corner with the theme "Beware of Dark Passengers in 2019 Presidential Election" in Jakarta on Monday (24/9).

Furthermore Zuhairi added, based on the results of the research, according to him, educated people actually became the most consumed victims of the hate industry used by illegal passengers in the momentum leading up to the presidential election to create conflict on social media. According to him, this was supported by the development of social media that made various information spread quickly and easily.

Therefore, to be aware of illegal passengers who are trying to ride the 2019 presidential election mat to carry out their interests by creating conflict, especially in social media, according to Zuhairi, figures in each stronghold supporting presidential-vice presidential candidates need to provide political example. He also believes that with political elites able to demonstrate good relations, it will have an impact on reducing conflict in the community and on social media.

"Illegal passengers like this (in social media) must be dealt with together with political ideals. How did Mr. Prabowo join hands with Pak Jokowi yesterday as an extraordinary political example, and the political elite must be able to translate this to the grassroots level, to reduce tension is quite warm on social media, "he said.

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