Minister Darmin: The Problem of Rice Doesn't Need to Be Stupid, if It Doesn't Import We Are Hassle

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Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution asked all parties no longer to question rice imports for this year. The government, through a limited coordination meeting (Rakortas) involving relevant ministries / institutions under the leadership of the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, previously decided to import rice up to 2 million tons to meet the needs of this year. "In my opinion, this does not need to be noisy. If there is no import, (we) have trouble. That is already under consideration," Darmin said when met at his office on Wednesday (09/19/2018) night.

Darmin explained, Rakortas had been held since the beginning of this year and took into account the conditions and various aspects, including how domestic rice production and current prices on the market. In its realization, by the end of August there had already been 1.4 million tons of imported rice coming in to fulfill the stock of rice reserves in Bulog. 

Of the total 1.4 million tons of imported rice that has been entered, there should still be 600,000 tons of rice again. But, Darmin made sure it was not imported because of technical constraints from the producing country and the shipping process that made it exceed the time limit specified in the Rakortas. 

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The Ministry of Agriculture in Rakortas projects total domestic rice production from the harvest to reach 13.7 million tons, with an estimated production of 2.5 million tons in January, 4.7 million tons in February, and 6.5 million tons in March. Even so, until March 28, the new Bulog rice stock rose slightly, from the previous 590,000 tons to 649,000 tons. While the price of medium rice on the market is already high, it touched Rp. 11,036 per kilogram. 

The highest retail price (HET) for medium rice is Rp 9,450 per kilogram, so Bulog continues to conduct market operations to stabilize the price of rice on the market. Later, the rice stock in Bulog in August had reached 2.2 million tons, even the latest data mentions 2.4 million tons. However, that amount is included in the total imported rice that has reached Indonesia in the amount of 1.4 million tons. The results in Rakortas also agreed that Bulog could absorb rice and meet the rice reserve stock of 2.2 million tons by the end of June. This was done with the hope that until the end of the year, the stock of rice reserves in Bulog could reach 3 million tons.

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