Ma'ruf is maximized to win votes in Sumatra, West Java & Banten

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The Indonesian National Coalition of Work Campaign Team (TKN KIK) will maximize vice presidential candidate Ma'ruf Amin to win votes on Sumatra Island, and two provinces in Java, namely West Java and Banten. TKN will encourage Ma'ruf Amin to travel to Sumatra and Java, especially the western part and Banten.

Deputy Chairperson of KIK TKN Abdul Kadir Karding said, Ma'ruf was focused on Sumatra, West Java and Banten because these areas were not the voice of Joko Widodo in the 2014 presidential election. "Especially, losing because of the issue of identity politics. we maximize it there, "said Deputy Chairman of KIK TKN Abdul Kadir Karding in Jakarta, Tuesday (9/18).

Karding said, KIK would indeed focus on campaigns in the regions with minimal votes for Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin. Nevertheless, Karding was reluctant to reveal further about KIK's campaign strategy in areas that were not the voice of Jokowi-Ma'ruf. The campaign strategy, he said, is not something that can be published.

On the other hand, Karding asked citizens not to be deceived by the religious symbols used in the campaign. He said, people are better off choosing leaders who really run religious law and have a commitment to the development of the people and have a vision for the future of the people.

"His perspective must be changed. There are many people campaigning in the name of religion. 'I am a religious figure who must be chosen to be supported because I represent these religions', even though I have never implemented the Shari'a of religion. Prayers are rare," he said.

Karding also mentioned the ulama label is also not something that appears instantly or without process. "Where there is a sudden ulama, where is there an honoris ulama that doesn't exist," he said.

Therefore, Karding also criticized the use of the term santri post-Islamism. "I don't understand what that means by myself. Now there is the giving of ulama titles to people who have never studied religion, it's hard to pity the Muslims," ​​he said.

Previously, PKS called the vice presidential candidate, Sandiaga Uno, as a post-Islamism santri. Post-Islamism refers to the political terminology that aligns Islam with democracy.

Most recently, PKS politician Hidayar Nur Wahid said Sandiaga was a cleric. This is due to the Arabic terminology that defines scholars as someone who has special expertise.

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