Ma'ruf: I Propose a New Flow of Indonesian Economy

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Vice presidential candidate Ma'ruf Amin explained his economic program to hundreds of legislative candidates from Perindo in Jakarta, Tuesday (19/9). Ma'ruf claims he will carry a new flow of Indonesian economy.

"Because the long flow gave birth to conglomerates with the hope of trickling down through trickle down effects, but it did not drip," said Maruf at the closing ceremony of the Perindo legislative candidates.

He hopes the new economic flows can eliminate disparities, both between rich and poor, strong and weak, between regions and between local and global products. The new flow of the Indonesian economy is based on the fifth principle of Pancasila, namely a just people's economy.

In the economic program, said Ma'ruf, to awaken a weak economic group. However, he added, not by weakening the strong group, but by strengthening the weak.

"It's not banging the weak with the strong," he said.

He said that the new flow economy is collaborating partnerships between strong and weak so that it becomes a welfare for all people. The collaboration was carried out through partnerships between strong and weak economic groups.

During this time, President Jokowi has attempted to eliminate gaps between regions with various efforts. These efforts include building infrastructure, equating Jakarta's fuel prices with Papua, building connectivity between regions, and fostering various regional advantages.

"Maluku, for example, the community is poor but the potential of the region is large, he used to aim for spices, so Maluku must be built as a strong area. Similarly, Sumatra and Kalimantan. This is what I mean to eliminate disparity," he explained.

He gave an example of South Sulawesi as a cocoa producing region, exporting it to Singapore. In Singapore cocoa is processed slightly to become brown, and provides great added value.

"Tomorrow, the added value is expected in South Sulawesi. God willing, if we eliminate this disparity, Indonesia will be more prosperous in the future," he said.

All of these efforts, according to him, must be supported by reliable and competitive human resources so that they can compete with other countries. "I was inspired by the Asian Games," he said.

He said Indonesia at the Asian Games usually always falls outside the top 10 rankings. Therefore, the government only targets 16 to 17 gold medals at the 2018 Asian Games.

"However, when we were able to push the fighting spirit of athletes, it turned out they were great, producing more than 30 medals," he said.

Fighting spirit like that, he said, must be grown to all elements of the nation in various fields, both economic, education, and social. In addition, he also considered the need to clear the foundation of development from gravel, such as ideological conflicts and conflicts in politics.

He stressed that the country must be safe to be able to successfully develop.

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