Ma'ruf Amin Attended the MUI Leadership Meeting, Claims Still Active

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Ma'ruf Amin attended the meeting of the leadership of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) at the MUI Head Office, Jalan Proklamasi, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (18/9).

Ma'ruf who wore a black peci, a black suit, along with a black turban and sarong arrived at the MUI office, at 10.10 WIB. Ma'ruf said, this meeting was a routine meeting held by the leadership of the MUI.

"Ordinarily, (routine meeting every Tuesday)," said Ma'ruf at the MUI Office, Tuesday (9/18)
Despite holding the status as a candidate for Jokowi's vice president, Ma'ruf admitted that he was still active as General Chairperson of the MUI. He claimed that there were no internal meetings and decisions related to the replacement of the MUI Chairperson.

"Still (active Chairman of the MUI), not yet (discussed)," said Ma'ruf.

Ma'ruf also emphasized that the leadership meeting this time would not discuss his resignation as Chair of the MUI.

"Not yet (discussed at this meeting), later," Ma'ruf said.

In fact, previously the leader of the MUI had a meeting and decided Ma'ruf Amin was inactive from his position until the election ended, and did not utilize the MUI as a political tool in the 2019 Presidential Election.

Previously, a number of parties encouraged Ma'ruf to resign from the General Chairperson of the MUI because of the MUI's neutrality in the 2019 presidential election.

In fact, on August 13, a number of people on behalf of the Indonesian Youth Santri Coalition (KSP) demonstrated in front of the MUI Office. They demanded Ma'ruf to step down from his position because he had advanced as a vice presidential candidate in 2019 Presidential Election.
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