LSI: Ijtima 'Ulama II Potentially Change Muslim Voices

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Indonesian Survey Circle Researcher (LSI) Rully Akbar assessed, the results of Ijtima 'Ulama II had the effect of changing the voice of Muslims in the 2019 Presidential Election. According to him, the support given to Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno has the potential to increase the electability of the couple.

"The endorsment of Ijtima 'Ulama is strong. These scholars represent Muslim voters, where we know that Muslim voters are the biggest," he said

Rully said, if the ulamas could embody the Prabowo-Sandiaga program by going directly to the field, the current electability map would automatically change. However, he said, that does not mean that the ulama's support will flow completely to the couple.

Because, the prospective vice president (vice president) Ma'ruf Amin who was chosen by the guardian Joko Widodo was also a cleric. Therefore, he considered, Ma'ruf had indirectly brought his own 'coach' scholars to support him.

According to him, the competition for Muslim votes will be very strong between the two pairs. "So, let's just see how strong the endorser chosen by the Prabowo and Jokowi teams is related to Muslim voters. Which can tie the voters directly," he said.

He said, it was not impossible that the support of Ijtima 'Ulama to Prabowo-Sandiaga could defeat Jokowi-Ma'ruf's current electability. Moreover, if the ulema endorsers go directly to the community and appeal to their congregation.

According to him, the high electability of Jokowi among Muslims was none other than the shocking effect of the presence of the Ma'ruf cleric. "When other clerics support Prabowo, there will be a change in itself. When this is already underway, it will shake other people's choices," he said.

Rully considered that the existence of differences in support from the ulamas did not necessarily lead to divisions among Muslims. According to him, the ulama's support this time is more about political choices.

He said, as religious leaders, the scholars had their own mass base in their respective regions. That is, there will be no division between one participant and another.

"So there is no concern about a split. The issue that is brought is not one Islam and another Islam. But more to the person the cleric himself supports one party," he said.

Previously, based on the LSI survey, the electability of the Jokowi-Ma'ruf pair was still far superior in the case of Muslim voters. Jokowi-Ma'ruf has an electability of 52.7 percent, while Prabowo-Sandiaga is only 27.9 percent.
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