KPU Crossed the OSO Name from DCT Election 2019

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The General Election Commission (KPU) commissioner, Ilham Saputra, said there were two candidates for DPD members who were still members of political parties. Therefore, the two candidates for DPD membership were crossed out of the 2019 General Election candidate list.

Ilham revealed both Oesman Sapta Odang (OSO) and Victor Juventus G May. Oesman Sapta is known to register as a DPD candidate from West Kalimantan Province. Meanwhile, Victor advanced as a candidate for West Papua Province DPD.

"There are only two people who are candidates for DPD members but do not resign from political parties. Both are Juventus G May Victor from West Papua and Mr. Oesman Sapta," Ilham said when met by reporters at the KPU Office, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Thursday (20 / 9).

He continued, the two men had not submitted their resignation as political party officials. Originally, this resignation letter was submitted to the KPU in view of the existence of a regulation requiring political party officials to resign from their posts if they were going to run for DPD.

"For candidates for DPD members who have not submitted (resignation letters) from political parties and reported their resignation, until now we still cross it," said Ilham.

As is known, Oesman Sapta is currently serving as General Chair of the Hanura Party. Meanwhile, Victor is also reportedly still a political party administrator.

As known, on July 23, the Constitutional Court (MK) had decided to prohibit political party officials from becoming DPD members. The Constitutional Court decided to grant a request for judicial review of article 128 letter I of the Election Law Number 7 of 2017. The Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, Anwar Usman, in his decision stated that he granted the petition for judicial review in the name of Muhammad Hafidz as a whole.

"To grant the request for the whole," said Anwar Usman when reading the verdict at the Constitutional Court Building, Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta.

According to the Constitutional Court, article 182 letter I raises legal uncertainty and is unconstitutional. The article states that DPD candidates cannot have 'other jobs'.

The other work in question is not to practice as a public accountant, advocate, notary, official deed of land deed and / or not to do the work of providing goods and services related to state finances, as well as other work that can cause a conflict of interest with the task, authority or rights as a member of the DPD.

The Constitutional Court Judge, I Gde Dewa Palguna, in consideration of his decision stated that the phrase 'other work' must include the meaning of the political party officials. "So, the Court is important to emphasize that the board is from the center to the lowest according to the organizational structure of political parties," he said.

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