Klopp Amazed the Atmosphere at Anfield

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Liverpool proved that they were not only defeated in the English Premier League. But the Reds also showed an impressive appearance in the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday (19/9) early morning.

A thunderous Anfield atmosphere with supporters also made the match spirit even higher.

Jurgen Klopp's side won 3-2, after being compensated 2-2 until injury time. Firminho became the hero of the home victory after scoring in a critical period.

Klopp revealed the key to Liverpool's victory. He said, foster children play in good organizations and good communication. He also stated that almost 11 of his players helped the team survive when pressed.

"It's a good appearance against an extraordinary enemy," said Klopp, quoted from Sky Sports on Wednesday (19/9).

"The atmosphere is fantastic," he said.

Klopp also revealed how Firminho finally entered the field. Because on Saturday, the Brazilian international suffered an eye injury against Tottenham.

Therefore Klopp put him on the bench and replaced Daniel Sturridge as a starter.

"There was no chance yesterday (Monday), obviously there was no chance the day before. Then this morning (Tuesday) he came and said. 'I'm fine, I can open my eyes'. That's good," Klopp said.

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