Kiai Ma'ruf Regarding Black Glasses in the Peace Campaign Declaration

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Small things become interesting discussed in the political year. Whatever is done by the presidential or vice presidential candidate pair will get the spotlight from the public.

Like when releasing doves in the 2019 Peace Election Campaign Declaration at the National Monument Field, Jakarta, Sunday (9/23). The dove was released together as a symbol of peace by all contestants both presidential candidates, legislative candidates, DPD member candidates, as well as party leaders.

However, the dove held by Vice President KH Ma'ruf Amin did not immediately fly like other contestant doves. The incident also became a public conversation on social media.

Kiai Ma'ruf admitted that at that time the dove he had held had fallen. However, he said, his merpat flies again.

"After the fall he continued to fly, only to be shocked," said Kiai Ma'ruf when met after attending the national declaration of Arus Baru Muslimah (ABM) at Balai Kartini, South Jakarta, Sunday (9/23) night.

When releasing the bird, Kiai Ma'ruf also appeared wearing sunglasses so that it also attracted attention. Because, very rarely Kiai Ma'ruf uses glasses.

Kiai Ma'ruf said that he used sunglasses only to protect his eyes from the sun.

"It's hot, it's hot. Just keep it hot. I'm carrying two glasses," said the Chairperson of the MUI.
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