KH Ma'ruf Requests Support from Az-Zikra, This Is Arifin Ilham's Answer

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Kiai Ma'ruf Amin filled the Friday sermon at the Az-Zikra Mosque in the area of ​​Sentul, West Java, Friday (7/9). After Friday prayers, Ma'ruf officially begged for blessing and support from the congregation and the mosque management.

"Incidentally, I was giving a sermon here, I happened to be a member of the Sharia Council from Az-Zikra and both scholars, both Ustadz," said Ma'ruf.

When asked whether to invite Ustaz Arifin Ilham to become a team to support his victory, Ma'ruf admitted that he did not dare. He only hopes for prayer and blessing. "I did not dare to invite, but I hoped for his blessing, his prayer, if possible, support," said Ma'ruf.

Ustaz Arifin Ilham who is also the leader of the Assembly Az-Zikra responded casually to the invitation discourse. Arifin asserted, during his talk with Kiai Ma'ruf, he did not talk much about politics. "We talked more not politics but polygamy," Arifin said, greeted by laughter from the congregation.

Kiai Ma'ruf increasingly aggressively asked for support from Islamic organizations. Previously Ma'ruf Amin had also visited Muhammadiyah and a number of pesantren based on Nahdlatul Ulama. Kiai Ma'ruf also attended the activities of Arus Baru Indonesia on Thursday.

On the same day Ma'ruf Amin won a Professor from the Nusantara Islamic University in Bandung. Kiai Ma'ruf is considered a figure who consistently drives the growth of the sharia economy in Indonesia.

"Currently the Indonesian government is starting to show a clear commitment in the development of Islamic economics. The Sharia Economic National Committee (KNKS) is chaired directly by the President," he said in a press release on Thursday (6/9).
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