Join Cokelat, Axel Like Finding a Home

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The band Cokelat has just announced that it has recruited Axel Andaviar as its permanent personnel to fill the drummer's position. For Axel, joining Chocolate makes him feel like finding a "home".

"I have hope to join. I am indeed looking for a home to work," Axel said in a media gathering at the Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Thursday (9/20).

Axel feels the potential he has is intended for chocolate. According to Axel, this is the first time he found a partner playing a band that suits his interests. So far Axel feels uncomfortable with various formats and concepts of music that are too current.

Axel claimed his closeness to his father, Ovy / Rif, had a major influence on his musical taste. Even in choosing or forming a music group, Axel felt more comfortable with a 90s-style band.

Axel himself claimed to have idolized Chocolate since sitting on the 5th grade elementary school. According to Axel, Cokelat had accompanied his life even before he played music. Every time you take part in a musical performance, Axel admitted that he often sang Cokelat songs.

When he first joined Cokelat, Axel felt there was concern for expression. However, this matter disappeared after poured in the form of music works. "Initially there was a bit of awkwardness. But when we were music we could be closer," Axel said.

Axel had previously been an additional drummer at Cokelat for approximately two years. The launch of the single Transition Heart also marks Axel's official contribution as a new member of Chocolate.

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