Joget Dangdut and Kiai Ma'ruf, Blunders for Jokowi

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The 2019 presidential campaign risked everything. Ulama involvement is considered to have a strategic value that can boost sound. Prabowo's camp uses the Ulama Ulama. Meanwhile, Jokowi's camp is not responsible, carrying KH. Maruf Amin as Jokowi's companion. Scholarship KH. Maruf Amin is certainly no doubt. Aside from him, he was the chairman of the MUI as well as PBNU's Rois Aam Syuriah.

Opinion war is inevitable. KH. Maruf Amin questioned the scholars of the Ulama scholars. Are they real scholars? Where do you have a boarding school? Who is the Kyai? The point is that the scholars of participants of the Ulama scholarship are doubtful.

Finally, it was widely discussed in the community. About who can be called a cleric. That is a scholar who can be used as a role model and role model. Because for society, ulama are sacred positions. His sacredness lies in the depth of his knowledge and the height of his morality. Ulama who often do riyadloh, fasting, dzikrullah, qiyamul lail and other sunnah services have a high position in the community. They are visited to be asked for prayer, because they are considered prayerful. Even such scholars are considered God's guardians. Keep away from the pleasures of the world, prioritize the afterlife. Even society is willing to be directed by such scholars. What the ulama said must be embraced by the community ...

Position of KH. Maruf Amin should be positioned sacred like that. So that his authority arises and his allure is strong. Finally, his fatwa was followed. Although he is not in the capacity of the chairman of the MUI. Strength of KH. Maruf Amin lies precisely in his knowledge and personality. KH. Maruf Amin was able to build the right narrative, strong propositions and brilliant logic, why should he choose Jokowi. Understand what you can get if the president is Jokowi.

This is what Jokowi's success team did not work on. KH. Maruf Amin actually weakened his personality. He was presented at a dangdutan event. With a beautiful singer, swerving contorted, frenetic, mixed male female. And tragically, even this kyai doesn't mind even participating in dancing. Although jogging is less good. It seems that the kyai must begin to familiarize himself with the PDIP urf. Where there is a campaign, there is a dangdut dance.

At this point, KH. Maruf Amin. Who trusted him as a scholar? Is it alright for scholars to dance ria? Is the fatwa still heard? For what reasons can the ulema dance with the midwife? This is the PR that must be answered KH. Maruf Amin.

Such was the folly of Jokowi's success team. Unable to put KH. Maruf Amin is in an honorable position like a scholar. And this is the oversight of KH. Maruf Amin who was unable to direct his supporters. If it is against his supporters, he is not able to direct it to the guidance especially to the Indonesian people at large. [swamedium]

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