Eni Saragih: I Only Carry Out Party Tasks | Golkar denied there was a flow of PLTU corruption into the party's body.

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Former Representative of the House of Representatives Commission VII Eni Maulani Saragih said that he only carried out the party's duties to guard the PLTU Riau-1 project. He said this after undergoing an examination with KPK investigators on Tuesday (28/8).

"Yes, I told the investigator that I was only a party official. Carrying out the party's duty to guard from the Riau PLTU," Eni said at the KPK Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (28/8).

The Golkar Party politician claimed to have conveyed all the facts related to the alleged bribery case related to the contract agreement on the construction of PLTU Riau-1 to KPK investigators. Eni also asserted that he did not want to attract other people in the case of alleged bribery of the power plant project owned by PT PLN.

"I do not want to attract others. That is what I have said, I have made it clear to the investigator and of course it has been based on the facts," he said.

Previously, Eni admitted that part of the Rp. 2 billion money received from the cooperation contract agreement for the PLTU Riau-1 construction project was used for the Golkar Extraordinary National Conference (Munaslub). In the National Conference which was held in mid-December 2017, Airlangga Hartarto was elected as the general chairman to replace Setya Novanto.

Allegedly, Eni received a quota of Rp. 6.25 billion from the shareholders of Blackgold Natural Recourses Limited Johannes B Kotjo in stages, with details of Rp. 4 billion around November-December 2017 and Rp. 2.25 billion in March-June 2018.

While inmate of the KTP-electronic case, Setya Novanto, who was also questioned, admitted that he did not know anything about the agreement because he was behind bars. However, the former Golkar Party Ketum admitted, had heard information about the flow of funds to the Golkar Party National Conference from the bribe of the Riau PLTU. During the National Conference, Airlangga Hartarto was elected as Head of the Golkar Party in December 2017. "That was the time when the Munaslub was," he said.

In this examination, Novanto admitted that he was questioned regarding three suspects in this case, namely ohannes B Kotjo, Eni Saragih and Idrus Marham. While KPK's Head of Public Relations, Febri Diansyah, said that for witness Novanto, KPK deepened Nkvanto's statement to Idrus about meetings related to the construction of the Riau-1 PLTU.

"For witness Eni Maulani Saragih, the KPK confirmed that it was related to the flow of funds," said Febri.

In this case, the KPK named three suspects. The three suspects included Vice Chairman of Commission VII Eni Maulani Saragih, boss of Blackgold Natural Resources Limited Johannes Budisutrisno Kotjo and most recently Idrus Marham.

Allegedly when serving as PIt General Chairperson of the Golkar Party for the period November to December 2017 and the Minister of Social Affairs, Idrus was suspected of knowing and possessing andiI related to the receipt of money by Eni from Johannes. It is known, around November December 2017, that Eni is expected to receive Rp. 4 Billion. Then, around March and June 2018 Eni is suspected to receive around Rp.2.25 billion.

Idrus also allegedly played a role in pushing for the signing of the Purchase Power Agreement (PPM / sale and purchase in the Riau mine mouth power plant construction project 1. In addition, Idrus was also alleged to have received an agreement to get an equal share of Eni's quota of 1.5 million US dollars what Johannes promised if the PPA of the Riau PLTU Project was successfully carried out by Johannes and his friends.

In the investigation of the initial case which had been carried out since July 14, 2018 to this day at least investigators had examined 28 witnesses. For his actions, Idrus allegedly violated Article 12 letter a or Article 12 letter b or Article 11 Law Number 31 Year 1999 as amended by Law Number 20 Year 2001 concerning Eradication of Corruption Crimes Juncta Article 55 Paragraph (1) 1st of the Criminal Code or Article 56 of the KUHPJuncto Article 64 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code.

Golkar's Denial

Golkar Party Secretary General Lodewijk Freidrich Paulus said the Golkar Party was ready to be audited. According to Lodewijk, Golkar is ready to prove that there is no flow of funds amounting to Rp2 billion to the 2017 Golkar Extraordinary National Conference (Munaslub) which allegedly originated from a cooperation contract agreement for the Riau-1 PLTU construction project.

"Certainly (ready) if it is (audited), people check whether there is or not," Lodewijk said when met at the Media Indonesia Coalition for Work (KIK) in Menteng, Jakarta, Tuesday (28/8).

Lodewijk emphasized that the budget source for the munaslub based on AD / ART comes from members' contributions. However, the audit can also check whether there are individuals who play the budget. "When there are people who play it, we want to check whether there is a person," Lodewjik said.

Lodewijk said that the 2017 Golkar National Conference was brought in the case handled by the KPK because Eni Maulani Saragih who was one of the KPK suspects in the corruption case of the PLTU Riau-1 development project was the treasurer of Munaslub Gol

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