Easy Way to Relieve Stomach Cramps During Menstruation

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Having stomach cramps on the first day of menstruation or menstruation is a common thing that women feel. And maybe, you are one person who routinely experiences stomach cramps every time menstruation arrives. Usually, abdominal cramps are also accompanied by body aches, tingling feet until the back or waist hurts and bad moods.

When experiencing stomach cramps, try not to panic ladies. Feeling panic and sadness when stomach cramps actually make cramps or pain get worse. Bad patterns of life and eating also increase the risk of menstrual cramps during menstruation. For the sake of relieving abdominal cramps, launch from the health.com page, there are several easy ways you can do. These methods include the following:

Drink lots of water
Make sure to drink enough water even when menstruation arrives. Drinking water, especially warm white water will make abdominal pain or cramps subside. Drinking water can also overcome the problem of bloating during menstruation.

Consumption of Cramps or Pain Relief Foods
Some foods such as fruits, green vegetables, nuts and seeds help overcome stomach cramps. For that, multiply the consumption of these foods during menstruation or menstruation. In addition to relieving cramps, these foods also keep the body to have ideal and healthy weight always.

Compress Stomach with Warm Water
You can compress the stomach with a towel dipped in warm water or a bottle filled with warm water. Warm sensation can make cramps subsided. This will also make you feel more comfortable.

Do not be lazy
Lazy when experiencing stomach cramps will actually make cramps that feel very annoying. In order for this cramping to subside, you must be more energetic and active. Doing light exercise such as walking, yoga or cleaning the house and working as usual can make you forget that you are experiencing stomach cramps.

Those are some easy ways that can be done to overcome stomach cramps during menstruation or menstruation. In addition to the above methods, another way that can be done is to consume menstrual relieving drugs. Usually, this drug is sold at the nearest pharmacy or drug store. I hope this information is helpful.
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