Democrats: Metro TV, We Meet in Court

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Democratic Party Law and Advocacy Division Head Ferdinand Hutahaean was furious with the news released by Asia Sentinel's online news agency some time ago regarding allegations of the involvement of Democrat Party General Chairman Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) in the Century case.

The accusation, according to the Democrats, was considered a slander because it was unfounded and was deemed an attempt to bring down SBY's good name, moreover the issue was widely blown up ahead of the presidential and legislative elections.

For this reason, Democrats threatened to prosecute the slander maker and disseminator. The Democratic threat that was directly conveyed by SBY was not kidding. In fact, said SBY, his side would pursue to the end of any world.

SBY's threat then reaped the reaction of the Asia Sentinel by erasing the news he published and apologizing to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the Democratic Party.

"We have pulled the news, but we also apologize to SBY, the Democratic Party, and various parties who feel offended by the article," wrote Asia Sentinel on its website, Wednesday (09/19/2018).

Asia Sentinel acknowledged that the news written by its editor-in-chief, John Berthelsen, was news that was not balanced and unfair for SBY. The intended news is posted on the Asia Sentinel page on Wednesday (12/09/2018). In an article written by John Berthelsen, it was mentioned that Century Bank was used to rob state money.

However, even though Asia Centinel has apologized, the Democrats did not stop to take legal action. Democrats will uncover the problem to the end, so that in the future there will be no similar issue.

Democrats have even sent teams of two countries as a step to fight Asia Sentinel. This is in accordance with SBY's instructions to ensure that they will pursue those who slander him to the end of any world.

"We have sent teams to Hong Kong and Mauritius to investigate and collect materials," said Democratic Party Legal and Advocacy Division Head Ferdinand Hutahaean, Thursday (09/20/2018).

Ferdinand said, the team sent to Hong Kong was tasked with finding traces of the Asia Sentinel office there. Because, Asia Sentinel is a media based in Hong Kong. In addition, the team will also meet the Hong Kong Press Council to report on news that is considered detrimental to SBY and the Democratic Party.

While in Mauritius, the team will visit the courthouse there to check the material for the lawsuit between Weston Capital vs. LPS. The source of Asia Sentinel writing about SBY and Bank Century came from this lawsuit.

"The team will gather information from the two countries," said Ferdinand.

Ferdinand said, the Democrats also initially wanted to visit the United States to find John Berthelsen, Asia's chief editor of Sentinel who wrote the slanted news about SBY. However, the effort was not made because the Democrats had managed to contact John.

"That's where John said he was willing to apologize and pull the news," said Ferdinand.

Ferdinand added, in addition to Asia Sentinel, Democrats will also continue to take legal steps against the media or even those who have already participated in frying the Asia Sentinel news in the country.

Furthermore, Ferdinand through his Twitter account @LawanPoLitikJW questioned the interests of the media that spread the news from Asia Sentinel. Because, according to him, the news is believed to be false (abal), but the media continues to expose it as true (credible) information.

"What are the interests of @Metro_TV @MetroTVNewsRoom to spread the word by making something that is the main reference even calling the aboriginal credible? Field facts in Hong Kong Pres Council and Journalists do not recognize Asia Sentinel. We meet in court, "Ferdinand wrote.
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