Axel Andaviar Officially Becomes a Chocolate Drummer

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Bands Chocolate now comes with the latest formations. The position of the drummer who has been empty is officially filled by Axel Andaviar from the beginning to know this was precisely in February.

According to Edwin, placing Axel in the drummer's position was the right decision. The reason is, the band formed in Bandung 22 years ago needs young personnel with still great energy.

In addition, personnel are also needed with musical characters that are not much different from Chocolate. Technically, according to Edwin, Axel who is also the son of Ovy / Rif represents the figure sought by Chocolate.

"We are indeed looking for young people who have a taste of rock music. Technically Axel represents the figure we are looking for because he has a soul 90 and is very strong in rock," Edwin said during a media gathering at the Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Thursday (9/20).

Axel completes the formation which previously only had three personnel, Edwin Syarief (guitar), Ronny Febri Nugroho (bass), and Jacline Rossy (vocals). Besides Axel, the position of the Chocolate drummer has also changed personnel several times.

Before joining, Axel had accompanied Cokelat's performance from stage to stage as an additional drummer for two years. Although in terms of age adrift far enough with other personnel, Edwin said Axel had the same vision and style as Chocolate.

"Axel can follow Chocolate's way of thinking and he doesn't hesitate to contribute ideas," Edwin added.
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