After BPKP Audit, Health BPJS Deficit Rp. 10.98 T

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Deputy Minister of Finance, Mardiasmo said the estimated BPJS Health deficit in 2018 reached Rp 10.98 trillion. This figure was obtained after an audit by the Finance and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP).

"The deficit was Rp. 16.58 trillion at the time. After the BPKP conducted a review there was a correction, the correction was Rp. 5.6 trillion. So the BPKP review of the BPJS deficit was around 10.98 trillion," said Mardiasmo, in a joint meeting of Commission IX. Republic of Indonesia Parliament, Monday (17/9).

Mardiasmo said, this correction occurred because of a policy mix that had not been calculated by BPJS Health. Responding to this, the Director of BPJS Health, Fachmi Idris, said the estimated number of deficits was planned in the beginning. Therefore, over time, there have been changes.

"This deficit is not sudden. This deficit is planned. Every year prepares a work plan. So by the beginning of 2018 we have made a deficit of Rp 16.5 T," said Fachmi, on the same occasion.

This figure is not only an estimated deficit in 2018. However, there is also an additional deficit fund from 2017. Its composition, the 2018 deficit of Rp 12.1 trillion, while the additional deficit from 2017 was Rp 4.4 trillion.

In addition, Fachmi also revealed that he was always audited by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) every year. Not only that, it always reports performance to relevant ministries.
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