A New Way to Realize Chocolate Nationalism

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For the Chocolate band, music is one of their ways to arouse a sense of nationalism among young people in the country. If previously Chocolate was known for its patriotic lyrics, this time Chocolate packs it in a different way.

On the new album later, Chocolate that comes with this new formation tells a lot about environmental issues. This initiative they got at concerts in remote areas over the past two years.

"In addition to our new albums and singles, we are exploring a movement for city children in 2014. It's time for us to pay attention to the environment," said the bassist, Ronny in Jakarta, Tuesday (1/7).

In addition to learning from their experiences, the Bandung-based band also learned from various communities of environmental lovers. "We can share what we have learned from the communities of nature lovers," continued the man whose real name is Febrianto Nugroho Surjono.

They pour all of these ideas on most of their songs on the latest album Cokelat, which is planned to be released in the near future. The release of the single "Life Is Love" and "With You We Will Make a Difference". Although literally they did not write about environmental words.

They will play all of these songs in a typical style of chocolate music. Rock but still catchy heard.

Going forward, Chocolate hopes that the music they make will have a long-lasting effect on their listeners. "Hopefully the effect will be long. The good thoughts that we have can be nular," said Ernest, a chocolate guitarist at the same opportunity.

"Loving the environment is a form of our nationalism," said Ronny.
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