28 Candidates from NasDem Party Threatened to Cancel Competing in Tegal City

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As many as 28 legislative candidates (Candidates) from the NasDem Party in the City of Tegal threatened to be dropped from the fixed candidate list. The reason is that the party led by Surya Paloh did not submit data on the submission of LADK (initial report on campaign funds) to the KPU of Tegal City until the final limit on Sunday (9/23) at 18.00 WIB.

"According to the provisions of article 67 PKPU No. 24, parties that do not submit LADK can be subject to sanctions for cancellation of election participants in the area. For the Tegal City, it means the Tegal City DPRD, "said the Chairman of the Tegal City KPU, Agus Widjonarko, Monday, September 24, 2018.

Agus added, currently the KPU was still discussing the issue and was in consultation with the Central and Provincial KPU. "This will have a broad impact, meaning that if the party does not participate in the election, the legislative candidates cannot participate in the election," he said.

Agus said that the decision to write off was not yet dead for the NasDem Party. Because there is still a process that must be passed. Therefore, the KPU has not yet made a Decree regarding this matter.

"Tegal City Election Commission is still reviewing whether the final limit is really not kept or there is a trace, for example, he arrived before that hour despite not fulfilling anything. we are waiting for the results of the Indonesian KPU, last night we were told to send a chronology. In essence, we decide the results later, "he said.

Meanwhile the Chairperson of the Tegal City DPD National Democratic Party (Nasdem), Tanty Prasetyoningrum said, there was a technical error related to the Initial Campaign Fund Report (LADK). According to him, the NasDem Party actually pocketed the LADK before yesterday's delivery deadline.

"28 Candidates have also collected their respective LADKs. Yesterday was only a technical error. In fact, LADK is ready from long ago, "he said.

Tanty added that the technical error arose because his party only filled out the attendance list at the deadline for submission of LADK on Sundays. Meanwhile, when he visited the KPU Office yesterday, his side did not bring and hand over the LADK.

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