2019 Wedding Party Trends According to Experts

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The marriage industry is not much different from the fashion industry. Every year, there are always new trends that appear in the wedding party.

Entering the final months of 2018, wedding industry players are starting to sniff out what will become a trend in 2019.

Hamish Shephard from Bridebook.co.uk wedding organizer application explained his prediction for next year. Reporting from the Independent, here are some new things that the wedding is forecast to be a trend in 2019.

1. Party dresses are more comfortable and functional

Today, the bride first emphasizes the comfort of the party dress rather than its beauty. Shephard predicts that in the future party dresses with pockets or pockets will appear. In the pocket, the bride can store small items that are considered important to carry throughout the party.

Married women in 2019 may also take Meghan Markle's wedding dress as his inspiration. Simple dress pieces without many details such as the Givenchy dress will be increasingly seen by the bride and groom.

2. More colorful

If Shephard's prediction is not missed, next year the wedding will be more colorful. Conventional colors that have been synonymous with weddings such as white or ivory yellow will be marginalized a little. Instead, a wedding party takes on more striking color themes such as red, pink, or orange. According to Shephard, the prestige of metallic or yellow gold wedding dresses was also contracted next year.

3. A more environmentally sensitive party

The theme of a party that is environmentally friendly and caring for others begins to be introduced in a wedding celebration. All organic foods, flowers that can be replanted, and minimizing the use of plastic are some examples of their application.

Prince Harry's cousin, Princess Eugenie, recently revealed her wedding party with Jack Brooksbank will be held plastic-free. Shephard also said donating wedding gifts to charity movements could also be a trend. This was exemplified by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who donated all of their prizes to charity activities.

4. Adoption of technology

Video-mapping and drones are increasingly being adopted for various events including marriage. Shephard said the use of these technologies will create a separate atmosphere, especially in terms of party documentation. According to him, highlighting the party atmosphere from the height of using a drone is one good idea.

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