Where Is Rex Tillerson From

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Rex W. Tillerson, (born March 23, 1952, Wichita Falls, Texas, U.S.), American business executive who served as secretary of state (2017--18) from the administration of U.S. Pres. Donald Trump.

Tillerson grew up in Oklahoma and Texas--one of the Nation's leading manufacturers of oil and natural gas--also graduated with a degree in engineering from the University of Texas in Austin in 1975. He immediately joined the Exxon Corporation as a production engineer, and by the mid-1980s he had been a business development manager at the company's natural gas section. He served as the general director (1989--92) for Exxon's oil and gas production in a area that spanned Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. After Exxon merged with Mobil Corp. in 1999 to form Exxon Mobil, he held a number of senior executive positions. Chairman and CEO Lee Raymond personally chose Tillerson because his successor, also Tillerson supposed command of the combined firm in 2006. During his years of leadership, Exxon Mobil rated towards the top among the planet's most profitable companies.

Tillerson's successes stems from a broad working knowledge of Exxon Mobil's many oil and natural gas operations. His experience handling technologically and geologically challenging upstream operations (mining and drilling) prepared him into the challenging conditions which became the standard for its oil industry in the 21st century, especially as the world's origin of easy-to-reach crude oil diminished. Geopolitics introduced a different challenge, particularly in Venezuela's nationalization of oil areas (2007), which stripped Exxon Mobil of its oil concessions in 2 Venezuelan projects. Despite these challenges, Tillerson claimed that fossil fuels represented the only resource capable of meeting growing global energy demands and stayed dedicated to oil production. In 2008 Exxon Mobil showed its strategy to depart the low-profit-margin retail gasoline company, and within only a few months Tillerson announced that the company had violated its income record. In 2011 he helped broker a deal that allowed Exxon Mobil to hunt for petroleum in the area of the Arctic Ocean which was controlled by Russia. On the flip side, the arrangement has been put on hold at 2014 when the United States placed sanctions on Russia after the latter's annexation of Crimea.

Although Tillerson had no expertise in the public sector, in December 2016 he had been selected by President-elect Donald Trump to function as secretary of state. Back in January 2017 his Senate confirmation hearings began, and they proved highly contentious, with some senators questioning his relations to Russia. However, Tillerson eventually was confirmed, 56--43, also he took office in February.

Acting a guarantee to execute major cutbacks, Tillerson began reorganizing the Department of State. Quite a few dismissals, resignations, and early retirements ensued, along with a hiring freeze has been enacted. The staff discounts proved contentious, some diplomats asserting that the section was left ineffective. On policy issues, Tillerson frequently found himself at odds with Trump. Notably, while Tillerson sought a diplomatic solution with North Korea concerning that nation's development of nuclear weapons, Trump said that he was "wasting his time" Amid a growing rift between the two guys--Tillerson allegedly called Trump a "moron"--his potential as secretary of state attracted widespread speculation. Back in March 2018 Tillerson was pressured out of office by Trump
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